Villa Godthem was built in 1874 by an admirer of the opera singer Carl Johan Uddman, who donated it to the singer as a token of his appreciation. There are two versions of how the house got its name:  One is that Carl Johan used the expression “Godt!” (“Fine, fine!”).  The other version is that when the corpulent Uddman for once walked all the way home from the Opera, he gasped: ”Jag har gått hem!” (“I walked home!”).

The house is constructed as a one-storey private house with a furnished attic apartment and is a well-preserved example of the then fashionable Swiss style of architecture, featuring ornate woodwork.  Facing Djurgården’s Brunnsviken bay, there is a modern, glassed-in veranda room. The house has been used as a restaurant since the Stockholm Exhibition of 1897.

The renovations have been extensive and respectfully carried out.  Villa Godthem retains its atmosphere of an old inn – friendly, open and accommodating.
We take care to choose seasonal, ideally locally-produced, ingredients for our dishes and present our own interpretation of traditional Swedish fare.  Naturally, we adhere to Villa Godthem’s tradition where the plank steak takes pride of place on the menu.

During the summer, it is probably the garden with its large bar that attracts the most attention, but Villa Godthem will be open all year round.  The Dining Room is spacious and inviting, with cosy sofas and a comforting open fireplace, while the Veranda allows you to sit warm and snug inside, with the feeling of sitting outside.

Welcome to Peter och Carina Nordin and Villa Godthem – all year round.